"Magic Waistband" Denim Collection

New arrivals are here!

And we finally present you our new “Magic Waistband” denim collection.

It all started with this Black Bootcut Jeans from last month. It had the hidden elastic waist band at interior so only the wearer can see and feel the comfort. Our VIPs and bloggers that tried it has been raving about how comfortable it is to wear and how stylish the cuts and silhouettes are. It quickly became our #1 style for returning customers.

This time we came back with a small collection of jeans that all has the “Magic Waistband”.

Star blogger, Daisy O mentioned on her recent review on the jeans:

"I promise to have another post focusing on the denim because they are just SO comfy and the perfect length for us 5'2" girls!"

As Daisy mentioned, we're receiving a lot of feed back on how comfortable and nice the fit is. Check out how she styled the jeans with our Frill Blouse.

We hope our new "Magic Waistband" denim styles raise your comfort level with jeans one notch higher!


eon. son